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I’m a Tor des Geants finisher, and multiple UTMB ultra-trail survivor, Dip.PT personal trainer, UIMLA international mountain leader, and trail running book author. Happiest when moving fast and light in the mountains! I discovered trail running in 2009, during a bid to get fitter and lose some weight, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve never discovered a sport with such highs and lows, where you learn so much about yourself, but most important of all, you are exercising in the best gym in the world – the mountains!

I make no claims to be very good at trail running, but you’d have to go a long long way to find anyone who it means more to. There is no better feeling than running a single track though the mountains, watching the seasons change each day, the effects of the weather and storms, the blooms of flowers, and the smell of the earth, rocks and vegetation. Nothing makes me feel more alive, and more in touch with this amazing mountain landscape, than running through it, senses buzzing.

I’ve previously climbed at quite a high level, but there is something about the simplicity of running, that provides more of a connection to the landscape than inching your way up a mountain face. While climbing seems extreme to some, the fact you are using ropes, ice screws, etc makes it safer and physically attaches you to the mountain. All I need for trail running is a pair of trainers, shorts and a t-shirt, and I’m liberated, running free, fast and unattached through the mountains.

Perhaps it’s just that which has drawn me into trail running, the minimalist approach and freedom, allied with the speed and lack of constraints.

Anyway, enough bleating – I’m off for a run!


Here’s a brief record of the key races I’ve participated in, sorted by length…

Tor des Geants, Italy Val d’Aosta (2015), 330km, 24000m, link
UTMB Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, (2011 & 2012), 170km, +10000m, link
TDS Traces des Ducs de Savoie, (2013 & 2014), 119km, +7250m, link
CCC Courmayeur, Champex, Chamonix, (2010), 98km, +5600m, link
80km du Mont Blanc, Chamonix (2013), 80km, +6000m, link
Lakes in a Day, Lake District (2014), 50 miles, +4000m, link
Tour de Helvellyn, Lake District (2014), 38 miles, +?ft, link
Trail des Aiguilles Rouges, Chamonix (2009), 50km, +4000m, link
Marathon du Mont Blanc
, Chamonix (2009-2012), 42km, +2500m, link
Grizedale Ultra 26, Lake District (2012), 42km, +c.1000m, link
Zermatt Marathon, Switzerland (2011), 42km, +1500m, link
Cross du Mont Blanc, Chamonix (2012), 23km, +1500m, link
Lancaster Half Marathon, UK (2009), 21km, flat, link
KMV Vertical Kilometer, Chamonix (2015), 3.4km, +1000m, link



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