Mont Blanc Marathon 2011

This weekend saw the hottest days of the year in Chamonix, with the temperatures soaring to 35C in the valley. The heat neatly coincided with the Mont Blanc Marathon weekend, but that didn’t stop the Fat Marmot team from scurrying around. On the Saturday morning, Sarah ran the Mont Blanc Cross, which is a half marathon distance with 1500m vertical. On the Sunday, I (Kingsley) ran the Mont Blanc Marathon, a full marathon in its length, with over 2500m height gain. Both were tough races even without the heat, but we both survived and clocked personal best times. Thanks to Gen (owner of Max’s mum) for taking this great photo of Sarah as she crossed the finish line, en-route for the MBC beer tent. It looks like it was the thought of a nice cool beer that was keeping her going! No rest for the wicked, as I was out on Monday guiding a group in the Aiguilles Rouges, on another punishingly hot day. This week I’m resting the legs a little, before guiding a Chamonix trekking week, but the Zermatt Mountain Marathon is looming the weekend after next, so lets hope for some cooler temperatures across the Alps.

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