UTMB finisher!

It’s a few days since I crossed the finish line of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, and my mind is still a blur of emotions about it. The basic stats speak volumes about this race, but explain nothing of what it means. It was 170km (c.105 miles) long with 9700m (over 31,000ft) of vertical height gain. Of the 2300 runners who started just over 1100 finished. We encountered heavy rain, snow, ice, fog, and hot sun. But most of all we ran, walked and stumbled our way around the route over two nights and two days without sleep. It felt like I was in a trance for half the time, as the fatigue took its toll. Some of the hallucinations were bizarre. I saw rows of chairs along part of the route, and sat on one to rest, only to discover they weren’t there at all! It’s quite funny now, but I remember being confused at the time. Completing the UTMB was a phenominal experience, and I met so many amazing people along the way who helped me. A massive thanks to the physios in Champex who taped my tendons up, to enable me to continue. In a wierd sort of way, I feel quite empty now that it is all over. The cameraderie and support during the race was what it was all about. Now all I’m left with is a finishers jacket. Yes it’s a badge of honour, and I’m proud to have got it, but I’m missing the emotions and feelings I had during the race already. It was a life changing experience to be part of something so incredible, such a dream, and to be part of such a close family of trailers, that already I know I’ll be back. My legs still hurt too much to run, but my heart is still running free in the mountains, watching the sunrise over the peaks, seeing the snows glisten. I want to feel the winds on my face, and hear my shoes skipping over the rocks again.

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