Spring training runs


It’s been great in the Alpine inter season for enjoying long training runs and building up the trail fitness again. Above is a map of one of my favourite approx 2 hour runs from home, that I’ve been doing fairly regularly. I’ve been starting in La Motte and running via the lower track up to Lac Vert, then across to Plaine Joux, and down the single tracks to Plateau d’Assy and back home. The route involves a good variety of terrain from 4×4 forest tracks, to Tarmac and technical single track, so there’s a good mixture for everyone. Best of all, I’ve only seen less than a handful of other runners on sections of it to date, which to me is a key selling point!

As you’ve probably noticed from the gap in the posts, I’ve been rubbish at keeping the blog up to date recently, but by moving it from Blogger to WordPress, it means I can easily update it from the iPad rather than logging in via a computer, so hopefully it’ll help the blog keep up to date with my random thoughts, and also trail running resources such as this map.

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