More sweat, less blood


I read a great quote the other day that hopefully sums up my training this week; “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”. Whilst I’m aware that training and recovery phases need to be in moderation and very distinct, this week has really been focused on running lots of vertical in the mountains.

Most of my training has been on the trails between Chamonix and Plan d’Aiguille, running different paths each day. It’s been sad to see the destruction of the storms of last month, with some sections of these forests that I know so well, barely recognisable. In some areas, such as Pre du Rocher 1600m, the destruction is almost total.

Also a big thanks to my training partner this week, the only ‘person’ I ever choose to run with when training, my big dog Max. When we’ve got too hot, there’s always been a mountain stream to cool off in. Anyway, it’s only 10 days until the Marathon du Mont Blanc, so better get back on the training later today, or it will hurt a lot. I don’t want to bleed in battle!



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