TDS race 119km


Last week I ran one of the UTMB Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc events, called the TDS, or more formally Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie (On the tracks of the Dukes of the Kingdom of Savoie). I’m still lost for words, so this blog post won’t be the longest ever. The scenery was simply stunning, the running was varied and challenging, and the race went well for me. I enjoyed every minute of the run, and while not pushing the speed, finished comfortably with only a few ‘moments’ on route.

While running, I took many short video clips, which I’ve edited into the short film above. Hopefully it gives you a far better idea of the beauty of the mountains that we were privileged to run through.

The race went from Courmayeur in Italy, over the Aosta mountains over the Petit Saint Bernard pass into the French Tarentaise and Beaufortain massifs, before crossing into the Mont Blanc massif to the finish in Chamonix. The route is 119km long, with 7250m of vertical height gain.

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