Summer trail running


It’s been a very busy summer out in the Alps, hence the lack of blog posts. Every day that I haven’t been guiding has been spent training for the North Face Ultra-Trail CCC which is at the end of August, so only a few weeks away now. Over the last months the ethic and spirit of trail running has grown on me – the simplicity of travelling fast and light through the mountains, with the only kit being shorts, t-shirt and some trail running shoes. The impact on the mountains is low, and the distance you cover, and the plethora of views you enjoy each day are unrivalled.

You aren’t weighed down by the heavy backpack and boots, the extra kit that makes a multi-day trek a self fulfilling prophecy rather than an amazing kaleidoscope of landscapes that can be enjoyed in one day. The video above is of me running the Marathon du Mont Blanc trail race with Sarah at the end of June, and whilst my times may not be great, my spirit and love of this method of travel definately is. It is a very true and ethically correct method of travel in tune with the mountains, running with the winds, not stomping against the hills. If you’d like to experience the exhilarating freedom and connection with the mountains that trail running can offer, then get in touch…

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