Final days before the CCC

As regular readers of this blog, will now be bored of hearing, I’m running the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc race from Courmayeur to Chamonix. The course is nearly 100km long with 6000m height gain and a maximum running time of 26 hours, and it starts this Friday! I’m not guiding any groups this week, to rest the legs, and I am trying to get as much sleep as possible though the running dreams aren’t helping much. My bag is packed, and I’ve done as much training as I could fit in during the season. Was it enough? No way, but that’s the way it goes. Am I scared? Yes, it would be stupid not to be wary of the unknown, but I am relying on my mountain experience to get me through. Excited? YES. Now it is time to do as the race advertises and ‘explore your limits’. If you’d like to follow my progress online, there are links on, and you can get more details of this amazing mountain race experience. With luck by this time next week it will all be over, and I’ll be waking up with a very tired pair of legs! A big thanks to everyone for their messages of support to date. Fingers crossed.

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