Alpine heat training


It’s clearly not a great look to get all hot and sweaty, but with the recent sunny days in the Alps, it’s been hard not to ‘glow’ (like a pig) when out running. With the Chamonix marathon just over a month away, it’s been essential to start to get used to the heat gain. Each season I think of it as acclimatising to the heat, in a similar way to mountaineers acclimatising to altitude.

After training in heat it’s especially important to replenish the electrolytes that you’ll have sweated out, and there’s no easier way of doing this than dioralite type powders, and salts in food. Equally it is important when running in heat not to attempt to over hydrate either, and this can cause even greater problems than dehydration. Just take your time, and let your body get used to it.

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